What is the message behind Ivan E Coyotes works


Ivan E. Coyote is a Canadian storyteller, author and performer known for their raw, honest storytelling around gender issues and LGBT+ themes. They use their own intimate personal experience in their works to create stories that are resonating and thought-provoking.

Coyote’s stories speak volumes about the struggles of the LGBT+ community, the power of self-acceptance, and the transformative powers of love and understanding that comes from respecting differences. Coyote’s works show courage in being vulnerable and open about difficult topics, inspiring readers to live authentically and appreciate human diversity.

Overview of Ivan E. Coyote’s Works

Ivan E. Coyote is a celebrated author and storyteller whose work often explores the themes of gender, identity, and acceptance. They have authored numerous books and delivered countless award-winning performances around the world.

This overview will provide insight into Ivan E. Coyote’s works and their powerful messages.

Short Stories

Ivan E. Coyote is a Canadian author, storyteller and performer whose works often explore gender identity norms, ideas of family and home, and the complexities of relationships. They have released books that explore topics such as coming out and gender transition.

Coyote’s writing style often uses humor, warmth and wit to explore difficult themes while making deep observations about humanity.

Coyote’s writing ranges from short stories to novel-length works. Some of their short stories include “The Long Road Ahead“, “Rocky Mountain Devastations” and “Soap Opera“. These short stories focus on the idea of feeling comfortable with who one is in their changing environment.

  • “The Long Road Ahead” weaves a captivating story about a young person navigating the countryside of Alberta in search for understanding who they are meant to be in life.
  • “Rocky Mountain Devastations” a young girl takes her own sobriety journey in the wilderness within ourselves to reconnect with oneself.
  • “Soap Opera” explores transgender self acceptance through an old soapy movie rerun with real life switching between present moments throughout its duration.

Coyote has received numerous awards for their writing and performances including three Lambda Literary Awards nominations for Gender Failure, One in Every Crowd, Missed Her & Loose End as well as several other honors including the Alice B Medal – Sackville’s Wild West Coast Literary Prize & an honorary degree from Emily Carr University of Art & Design among others.


Ivan E. Coyote is an author, storyteller, public speaker and actor from the Yukon Territory. They are renowned for works of fiction that explore gender, sexuality and identity. Coyote’s work has transported readers on a journey between the binaries of gender through their diverse array of stories and experiences.

Coyote’s novels Anonymous Mansion (2007), Bow Grip (2014) and Tomboy Survival Guide (2018) are thought-provoking pieces on navigating a world where social rules don’t always apply to us all in the same way. Anonymous Mansion is lauded as an exploration of sexual self-discovery while Bow Grip tells the story of a young basketball coach struggling with his trans identity in rural Alaska. The Tomboy Survival Guide offers an intergenerational look at what it means to live authentically regardless of one’s gender identity or expression.

In all these books, Ivan E. Coyote blends personal experience with humor to illuminate pressing issues like transphobia and acceptance, challenging readers to engage in meaningful conversations about identity politics and diversity awareness within society.


Ivan E. Coyote is a Canadian writer, storyteller, performer, and filmmaker whose work focuses on gender and sexuality diversity. In her screenplays, Ivan explores issues of gender identity and fluidity in a way that is accessible and relevant to viewers. Her works have been featured in numerous international festivals including the Toronto International Film Festival and Frameline in San Francisco.

Coyote’s best-known screenplay is Away From Her (2006). The 2006 film adaptation starred Julie Christie as Fiona Anderson, an elderly woman with Alzheimer’s Disease who goes into a care home far away from her husband of 40 years, Grant (Gordon Pinsent). Despite the physical distance between them, Grant is determined to remain close to his wife as she slowly slips away from him and their old life together. Away From Her captures the struggles associated with loving someone who has Alzheimer’s disease—yet still offers hope for Grant’s emotional journey ahead.

Ivan’s other screenplays include:

  • You are 4th Street: The Safety Dance (2003), which tackled social issues related to juvenile delinquency.
  • I Like Girls (2007), which explored sexuality through different generations.
  • Kitchen Party (2007), which showcased diverse perspectives on parenting.
  • Becoming Redd Road (2008), which was inspired by a true story of family tragedy within an Aboriginal community.
  • Stick & Stones (2012), which focused on two queer youth searching for acceptance within their families.
  • Glitterbeck Wishes you a Very LGBT Christmas (2013).
  • Changing: A Transgender Story (2017).

In each work, Ivan approaches tough topics with honesty and grace while engaging audiences around important topics such as trauma-recovery, addiction recovery, transgender rights advocacy. She encourages us all to consider the important role we can play in these conversations by understanding our own biases and privileges as well solidarity for all people regardless of identity or orientation.

Themes in Ivan E. Coyote’s Works

Ivan E. Coyote is a renowned Canadian author, storyteller and performance artist whose works explore themes of gender identity, sexual orientation, feminism, and trans issues. Coyote is known for her unique approach to addressing these issues through her work, in a humorous and compassionate way.

Let’s explore some of the themes represented in Ivan E. Coyote’s works:

Gender Identity

Ivan E. Coyote is an award-winning Canadian author, storyteller and performance artist. As a queer, transgender author, Ivan draws from their own life experiences and utilizes themes of gender identity in many of their works. Ivan explores various aspects of gender identity through books such as Loose Endeavors: Tales & Fantasies, Bow Grip, and Missed Her.

In Missed Her, the unnamed protagonist struggles with their nonbinary gender identity. They share this internal conflict by contemplating based on societal expectations and laws that constantly ask them to fit into binary genders. In Loose Endeavors: Tales & Fantasies the readers can observe how the characters push against gender stereotypes to express themselves fully as they strive to create an independent self-image. In Bow Grip, another story collection by Ivan which expresses themes of non-normative gender roles while providing a unique view into how individuals express their gender identities freely in authentic ways.

Through these stories, Ivan E. Coyote sheds light on important conversations about self-acceptance for those who identify outside binaries or society’s typical definitions of one’s gender expression. The narrator provides a context for how these frameworks are limited and how this confines one from living true to ones self in ways that don’t fit into traditional expectations which can provide comfort for all who find solidarity in understanding the importance of being your own individual expression regardless of what is assumed or expected from traditional norms or assumptions.

Queer Representation

Ivan E. Coyote is a passionate storyteller who uses their works to bridge the gap between the LGBTQ community and other diverse individuals. Themes of queer representation and inclusion are a strong focus in Ivan E. Coyote’s stories, with each one highlighting their dedication to stand-up for their beliefs in pride and equality.

From novels like “Gender Failure” that act as redemption songs in hope of finding peace with one’s gender identity despite the lack of understanding they may encounter, to stories such as “Missed Her” that use lessons from non heteronormative tales to teach acceptance, Ivan E. Coyote creates roadmaps for individuals of all backgrounds seeking true understanding and acceptance regardless of their differences.

Even poems such as “Broken Glass Shoes” explore the idea that being physically different does not mean being lesser than or undeserving any respect or recognition, further drawing attention to these issues that many face today but seldom talk about when it comes to public acknowledgment or celebration.

These are just some examples from Ivan’s works, helping us realize that diversity is something we can choose embrace in our daily lives— something we should continually strive towards embracing through courage, friendship, and sincerity.

Family Relationships

Family relationships are a common theme in Ivan E. Coyote’s works. The author has mentioned in interviews that writing about family was an attempt to bridge the personal and political. His works explore the nuances and complexities of familial bonds through stories about his parents, siblings, children and grandchildren.

Many of Coyote’s books explore the difficulty of reconciling one’s sexual identity with expectations from family members. In some works, readers witness characters struggle with coming out to family members who fear for their safety or wonder if their children are still “normal” and accepted by society. Other stories feature stronger familial bonds such as acceptance of gender nonconformity and homosexuality without drama or judgement – providing readers comfort amidst a chaotic world that often silences those who are queer.

Likewise, Coyote’s fiction also portrays courage in confronting difficult realities within families like divorce, separation and disparate beliefs in religion and politics that can come between generations yet ultimately bring them closer together than ever before.

Themes related to family life unfolding on stage or within prose include:

  • Healing powers linked to both unconditional love and explosive arguments between siblings or between parents and their children – reminding readers what an important role families play at the foundation of our neighborly interactions while offering moments of strength or grace when it matters most.


Ivan E. Coyote’s works have helped to open discussions about LGBTQIA+ rights and bring to light issues which are often overlooked in the mainstream media. Through their narrations, stories, essays and songs, Coyote has sought to share the struggles of gender identity and sexual fluidity in an effort to challenge traditional concepts of “normal”.

By taking these issues from a personal perspective in an honest, humorous and relatable manner, Ivan E. Coyote hopes that dialogue around these topics will spark conversations aimed at greater understanding, acceptance and equality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the core message in Ivan E. Coyote’s works?
A1: The core message behind Ivan E. Coyote’s works is about recognizing and valuing individual differences, particularly those of gender and sexual orientation. Coyote’s works often explore themes of identity, acceptance, and understanding.

Q2: How has Ivan E. Coyote’s works changed the way we think?
A2: Ivan E. Coyote’s works have changed the way we think by challenging traditional notions of gender and sexual orientation. Coyote’s works often explore themes of identity, acceptance, and understanding, and help to foster greater empathy and understanding of those who do not fit into traditional gender roles.

Q3: What is the impact of Ivan E. Coyote’s works?
A3: Ivan E. Coyote’s works have had a positive impact on the LGBTQ+ community and beyond. Coyote’s works help to foster acceptance and understanding of those who do not fit into traditional gender roles, and have helped to create a more inclusive and understanding society.