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Jane: Hey, guys! I’m new on this site. I joined here last month when I saw Ivan on our school. The school’s head invited her to teach students about writing. I want to ask what are the books of Ivan you can recommend to me. I fee just like her. I really admire her for being brave, open and talented. Any recommendations?

Eugene: Hi, Jane! It’s good to know that Ivan influences you through his works and talents. By the way, I recommend you to read her first novel book entitled Bow Grip. It has a breathtaking story about love and loneliness. I’m sure you will love it as it is her first and she really put a lot of effort there. Well, all of the books she has written was all good. So, better read them all!

Terry: Hello, Jane! Have pleasant day today. I just saw your post asking for recommendations on books written by Ivan. To tell you, all of her books were awesome. There is no single book that will make you feel that you wasted your time reading it. Anyway, I’m glad to hear that she influences you with her good characters and talent. May you use it to succeed in life like her.

Jane: Thanks all for your suggestions. I am starting now to read her books. During my downtime, I also tried searching for his shows on YouTube. She was really amazing through and through.