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About Ivan

Younger Years

Wayback during Ivan’s younger years, while she was still living in the city, she already understands that the society dictates her to be a girl. However, she knows also that deep in her heart she feels like a boy. Her parents knew the situation and supported her in everything unconditionally. When she reached the right age.

Brave Person

Ivan is a brave person and opened her gender change in public. Amid all the discrimination against her, she stood tall and became an inspiration among others like her. She then chose to reside in the U.S to pursue her dreams –to become a novelist. She finished her study in America and created several novels. 

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Simple and Bright Person

Ivan E. Coyote is a well-known and beloved novelist across the U.S and Canada. She has been featured in numerous famous magazine and has already embarked on her first U.S. tour performing alongside her first album. The growing list of accolades and popularity for her hasn’t gone to her head. She is one of the most humble people in the industry. Her colleagues described her as a simple and bright person.

She sometimes collaborates with other performers to perform in front of a crowd. But most of the time, she still performs solo especially in bars, theaters, and schools. Ivan also has a capability to teach writing to every aspiring writers and novelist. She is often invited to universities and colleges to teach and give some advice. Ivan is one of the nicest people you will ever meet in your life.

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