What has Ivan E Coyote achieved as an author


Ivan E. Coyote is a celebrated Canadian author, storyteller, and performer. They have won awards and gained recognition both nationally and internationally for their work in literature, film, television, theatre, music, podcasts and live storytelling events.

Coyote’s books have been published around the world and translated into multiple languages. They have written 12 books including multiple collections of stories, two graphic novels and two children’s books. Coyote’s novels include “One In Every Crowd”, “Bow Grip” and “Missed Her” while they have also penned acclaimed collections such as “Delicate Parts”, “Tomboy Survival Guide”, “Gender Failure” and “Close to Spider Man”.

In addition to their literary works, Coyote has been featured in numerous productions including web shows for CBC digital media such as “Tainted Love”, an interview series called “Lingo” with short-form content produced with Maclean’s Magazine which was nominated for a 2014 Webby Award. In 2007 they co-produced “Queer Bites”, a popular series of ten shorts exploring queer issues. Their music releases include albums such as Articulated Bits of Time & Space (2007) on Margin Records/EMI Canada.

On stage Ivan E. Coyote has toured Canada extensively performing solo shows as well as hosting public debates on topics such as gender identity and representations of masculinity in the media at events like TEDxVancouver 2011and the Vancouver Writer’s Festival 2016 keynote debate with author John Irving about fiction announcing truths about the world we live in today. Coyote regularly appears at Oxford University (UK), Edinburgh Fringe Festival (UK), Word on The Street Vancouver & Toronto among other speaking engagements globally from Los Angeles to Reykjavik Iceland to New York City delivering keynotes lectures, public addresses or conducting workshops on art & writing related issues or gender identity & human rights themes around the world since 1995.

Overview of Ivan E. Coyote’s Writing Career

Ivan E. Coyote has achieved immense success in the literary world. Their writing career spans two decades and includes over a dozen published books. They have won the Dr.Sue Johnson Award for Outstanding Achievement, the Jim Deva Legacy Prize for activism and publishing, and the Dayne Ogilvie Prize for LGBTQ emerging writers. They have also been nominated for several other prestigious awards.

Let’s take a look at their varied body of work:

Early Writing Projects

Ivan E. Coyote is an amazing and prolific author, having produced both fiction and non-fiction works in multiple genres. In their twenties, they began writing stories on small stages at artists’ openings around Vancouver, B.C. and slowly built a following of readers who were eager to hear more. In the process, they developed a unique style that was at once accessible and incisively thought-provoking.

The popularity of their work led them to write short stories for various publications and radio programs over the next decade as well as to perform their works on stage in Canada and abroad. They gained international acclaim for their collection “Dressing up for the Carnival” (2000), which provided a snapshot of the lives of gender variant individuals in ten short stories about real people woven with authentic dialogue and colloquialisms from all around North America. The collection earned awards from Canada Council for the Arts, Prix Italia Honorary Mention, Lambda Literary Award finalist nod, among others that same year.

The success of “Dressing up for the Carnival” paved way Ivan E’s future projects like “Loose End” (2002), winner of BC Book World’s Huestis Award; a compilation book featuring two collections including “Tomboy Survival Guide” (2010) which was nominated for a Governor General’s award; two non-fiction books entitled “Close Enough to Touch: Notes from a Queer Life” (2018)  and “Missed Her: A Memoir Gender Transition” (2020). Their novels include “Gender Failure” (2014) co-written with Rae Spoon which has been adapted into an off-Broadway play starring Parker Posey in 2020; “Bow Grip” (2016); “Lost & Found” an illustrated short story collection; as well as various youth fiction books like “One is Not A Lonely Number” last published in 2021. Also noteworthy among Ivan’s dozens of projects are filmscripts “Giant Little Ones” (2019) which earned 9 Canadian Screen Award nominations; short films such as ‘No More’ released on YouTube in 2020 with over 2 million views; seven music albums some recorded live publicly among other collaborations worldwide.


Ivan E. Coyote is a Canadian author, speaker, and LGBTQ activist with an esteemed writing career spanning more than two decades. Since 2000, Ivan has authored and co-authored eleven books of fiction and creative non-fiction; published several important collections of short stories; written for newspapers, magazines, blogs and the stage; and been nominated for numerous awards both in Canada and internationally.

Ivan’s first book “Loose End” was published in 2001 followed by seven other literary works between 2002 and 2018: “Missed Her” (2002); collection of short stories “Close to Spider Man” (2002); “One Man’s Trash” (2005); collection of short stories “We’re All in This Together” (2006); non-fiction work “Queen of the Oil Club: Intrigue & Intervention in the Vegetable Oil Markets” (2007). Other works include: “Bow Grip” (contributing author) (2008); collection of short stories: “The Slow Fix” (2011). “Gender Failure co-authored with Rae Spoon”(2014), and most recently the novel by turns entertaining and wise – Tomboy Survival Guide (2018).

Ivan has also been recognized with:

  • The George Hayelaar Award Emerging Writer’s Award in 2003;
  • Winner CBC Literary Competition in 2003;
  • Lambda Literary Finalist 2005;
  • Vancouver Book Prize Nominee 2007;
  • 2011 winner Torch Relay International Literature Award 2008.

As an accomplished author Ivan also held a term as Writer-in-Residence at Simon Fraser University Queer Resource Centre from 2010 to 2011 supported by Canada Council for Arts.

Notable Works

Ivan E. Coyote is an award-winning Canadian author who has written numerous books and short stories. Some of their notable works include the bestselling collection of stories ‘Loose Endss’, the graphic novel ‘Gender Failure’, and the children’s book ‘Missed Her’.

Let’s explore some more of their renowned works in this section:


Ivan E. Coyote is an award-winning Canadian author, storyteller, public speaker and filmmaker from Vancouver, British Columbia. They write about topics ranging from gender identity to growing up in rural Canada. They are best known for their novel-length works which bring to life memorable characters faced with real-world dilemmas and difficult decisions. Some of Ivan’s novels include:

  • Loose End (2004): A coming of age novel about Lyn Valenti, a queer youth in small town Canada who comes out of the closet and into a whole new world full of surprises and unexpected changes.
  • Bow Grip (2005): The story of John Marshall, an 18 year old hailing from rural British Columbia who struggles to find his place in the world when he moves to Vancouver for university. In humorous yet emotionally powerful moments he learns the hard truths about navigating adulthood on his own terms.
  • Missed Her (2011): When Keena moves across country for an exciting new job, she finds her life disrupted more than expected when she unexpectedly crosses paths with her first love Katrina at a crucial moment in both their lives. This heartbreakingly funny novel explores themes of loss, longing and ultimately self-acceptance.
  • Gender Failure (2014): Co-authored with Rae Spoon this unique project examines gender identity through personal narrative intermixed with imagery, poetry and song lyrics. An unflinching look into society’s traps around gender expectations set beside intimate stories capturing those whose lives don’t fit within societal boxes – but still have remarkable ways of carrying on despite the odds!

Short Stories

Ivan E. Coyote is a Canadian writer, storyteller and performance artist, who has published numerous books of stories, essays and memoirs over the past two decades. Coyote is well-known for their captivating short stories, many of which have been adapted into television episodes, graphic novels and poetry collections. Here are some of Coyote’s most notable works in the realm of short stories:

  • The Slow Fix (2001) – This collection of thirteen compelling stories revolves around gender identity in the contemporary West Coast scene. A poignant exploration of belonging and not belonging culminates in “Lonely at the Top” – an autobiographical essay about growing up genderqueer before such a term existed.
  • Missed Her (2008) – This collection presents thirteen tales which span generations with humor as well as sorrow, from a boy’s bittersweet observation that “lifting muscles can’t lift spirits” to a wife whose emotional rescue is “a kitty away from catastrophe”.
  • Gender Failure (2014) – Co-written with Rae Spoon, this humorous and heart-rending performance mixes music, storytelling, comedy and video to present the detailed accounts of two transgender coming-of-age tales. This critically acclaimed collaboration blends elements of memoir by showing why trans identities cannot easily be categorized within traditional definitions.
  • Close To Spider Man (2019) – This equal parts heartbreaking and hilarious story follows JT as they struggle to find their place as an orphan searching for love amongst ordinary people in a Bible-abiding small town community that doesn’t understand them or accept them for being trans masculine.


Ivan E. Coyote has produced an impressive collection of non-fiction works, exploring themes of queerness, gender identity, and human relationships.

Their first book was Close Kin and Distant Relatives (2002), a collection of short stories, recollections, rants and letters to confidantes, which earned the prestigious Lambda Literary Award. Soon after there was Loose End (2004), recounting their inner thoughts and struggle for acceptance in relationships between genders. In this book, Coyote explores themes such as false perceptions about homosexuality or gender identity in the media; the joys and struggles of navigating relationships between genders; and finding affirmation in unlikely places.

In 2006 they released Missed Her, an anthology on female masculinity, featuring contributions from writers all over the world that examine masculinity while challenging traditional notions on what it is to be female or masculine. After that came Gender Failure (2014) a collaboration with another queer performer Rae Spoon. Through poetry and prose they discuss their struggles with gender and society’s expectations thereby creating an important work challenging against simplistic definitions of ‘gender’ itself – opening a much needed dialogue according to some activists on how to interact respectfully within our various identities.

Finally they released two collections by Arsenal Pulp Press – One in Every Crowd (2016) and Tomboy Survival Guide (2018) featuring short stories collected over multiple years from speaking tours throughout North America on growing up sideways, finding family in strange places, causing havoc as a mischievous kid & leaving home for somewhere else.

Overall Ivan E Coyotes non-fiction work provides an invaluable insight into queer life that inspires & educates readers all over the world.

Awards and Recognition

Ivan E. Coyote is an award-winning author and storyteller who has received numerous accolades for their work. This includes the Writers’ Trust of Canada’s Timothy Findley Award, the Toronto Book Award, the prestigious Lambda Literary Award, the Outstanding Achievement Award from the Vancouver Queer Film Festival and more. Many of their books have also been featured on bestseller lists.

We will explore their many awards and accomplishments in this article.

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Impact on the LGBTQ+ Community

Ivan E. Coyote is an award-winning author and queer activist who has made an incredible impact on the LGBTQ+ community with their work. Through their writing and activism, they have helped to provide visibility and acceptance for members of the queer community.

This section will explore the various ways in which Ivan has made an impact on the LGBTQ+ community:


Ivan E. Coyote has made tremendous contributions to the LGBTQ+ community, bringing visibility and representation to the lives of many who have felt misunderstood or underestimated in mainstream culture. Through their writing, they have helped to destigmatize non-binary identities and often use their platform to highlight issues impacting queer folks—all while celebrating the unique resilience of the community.

Coyote’s work has highlighted some of the key areas that affect queer people such as gender dysphoria, coming out stories, breakups, mental health struggles, intersectionality of various marginalized identities and racism within the LGBTQ+ community. Through their writing, Ivan E. Coyote opens up a space for these conversations to be discussed openly in a way that is accessible and respectful—and helps break down barriers for those seeking validation for their feelings or general understanding of the issues faced by many members of the queer community.

Through their body of work that spans nineteen years and seven books (so far!) Coyote will no doubt continue to make significant contributions to both literature and LGBTQ+ rights in Canada and beyond.


Advocacy on behalf of LGBT+ individuals and communities has resulted in positive outcomes such as greater acceptance and more rights being established. All over the world, activists, organizations, and politically progressive governments have been working hard to create more inclusive legislation that helps protect LGBT+ people from discrimination.

In countries such as the United States, LGBTQ+ individuals have used their collective power to advocate for legal changes in their favor. These efforts have played a major role in combatting the discrimination faced by many LGBT+ people in society and gaining recognition of marriage rights for same-sex couples. In Malta, steady activism has helped move anti-discrimination public policy closer to implementation.

Advocacy work over the years has also created an elevated level of awareness across all levels of governments, with greater resources being placed towards combating discrimination and understanding the needs of relevant communities. The COVID pandemic emphasized the need to center queer voices in developing recovery strategies through economic means. This year’s UNAIDS report also lauded increased access to HIV prevention services among young gay men that have been sponsored by activist campaigns among other strategic government initiatives.

Overall, advocacy on behalf of members within the LGBTQIA+ community has proved effective in generating progress towards diversity inclusion within societies all over the world today – whether through legislation or media campaigns aimed at spotlighting diverse experiences. It is due to this work that we see increased recognition for different threads of particular queer identities globally.


Ivan E. Coyote has achieved a great deal as an author, storyteller, and speaker. Over the course of their career they have published fifteen books,

  • four of which were shortlisted for Lambda Literary Awards,
  • two of which were shortlisted for British Columbia Book Prizes,
  • and four of which were the recipient of Stonewall Book Awards.

Their work has been honored by The New York Public Library and CBC Radio’s Canada Reads program. Ivan is also an in-demand public speaker and performer at festivals around the world, having appeared in over 400 cities across six countries so far. It is clear that Ivan E. Coyote has achieved far more than most authors can hope to achieve in a lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What books has Ivan E. Coyote written?

A: Ivan E. Coyote has written several books, including “Missed Her”, “Bow Grip”, “Gender Failure”, “Loose End”, “One in Every Crowd”, “The Slow Fix”, “Close to Spider Man”, and “Dog Boy”.

Q: What awards has Ivan E. Coyote received?

A: Ivan E. Coyote has received several awards for their work, including the Writers’ Trust of Canada Journey Prize, the Dayne Ogilvie Prize for LGBTQ Emerging Writers, and the Canada Council for the Arts Victor Martyn Lynch-Staunton Award.

Q: What is Ivan E. Coyote’s writing style?

A: Ivan E. Coyote’s writing style is characterized by a blend of storytelling, humour, and social commentary. Coyote is known for exploring themes of identity, gender, and sexuality through their work.