Ivan Coyote’s book Care of Letters, Connections, and Cure

Book Summary This book, which is non-fiction, is entirely comprised of letters to Ivan and his replies. There have been lengthy back-and-forths between Ivan and their recipients in some cases, even years after the original letter, email, or Facebook message was delivered. They used the chance to answer the hundreds of emails they received when […]

The Canadian Lesbian Casey

Like with any writing that focuses on ideas, I can tell when something has struck a chord with me when my mind starts to race, and I find myself eager to jot down my reactions. But this novel also brought out tears and, um, sensations from me. I cracked up a lot of times! The […]

I’ve always known that I’m not like other young females.

Coyote, a performer at the WORD Writers and Readers Festival in Christchurch, speaks from personal experience when she visits classrooms to discuss bullying and gender identification. Coyote prefers to be referred to as Ivan or they and does not identify as either male or female. They outright reject the gender concept that causes us to […]