Best Dog Racing Tips and Strategies

Betting in MerkurXtip on dog races is an interesting way to make money. There are many different types of bets that you can place. For example, you can bet on who is going to win the race, which dog will win, and on how long the race will take.

If betting on dogs sounds like a fun way to make some extra money on the side, then these tips should help you get started:

Consider where and when you want to bet so that it doesn’t conflict with your schedule. If it’s too difficult for you to get time off work during the day, then try betting in evenings or weekends instead. Remember that weekends and holidays are popular places for people with time off work to bet on dogs since there is more opportunity for profit.

When someone bets on a dog race, the event is usually hosted at a track in a city or town. You can watch the dogs run in front of their crowd and hopefully win. These large events are often held during the daytime when people have more free time to spend on them. The big problem with these events is that they have fewer spectators which diminish the profit margin for the organizers.

There are 8 types of bets available for dog races.

Betting To Win

This gambling style is becoming increasingly popular. It consists of picking a dog or a horse and betting on it to win.

It is often considered as a way to combine gambling with the excitement of watching a live event.

Betting Each Way On Dogs

The individual bet is more likely to win for those who have more knowledge about the dog’s abilities. They are also better for those who have more money to spend on their own bets.

There are two bets on a dog that involves a stake. One of the bets will win and the other will also win. Half of the stakes will be placed on the dog to win and half of the stakes will be placed on one of the bettors to place. You can choose whether to make an equal share, a single share, or a double share bet.

In this betting game, there are two bets on one dog each that has a 50/50 chance to win or lose paired with a 50/50 chance to place. You can choose whether to make an equal share, a single share, or a double share bet which gives you 1/2 stake in each bet.

Tricast bet

A tricast is a bet where the player bets on three dogs in the same race. The winnings are determined by the order of finish for each dog.

Tricast betting is one of the more popular types of bet on racing today. Tricasts can be helpful to players who want to make sure they don’t lose their shirts. They also help us to make informed decisions on which horse to bet on with a lower degree of risk, but with better odds.

A tricast bet is when a bettor bets on three dogs instead of just one. The odds are much better when you choose to bet on three dogs than betting on one because the payout is typically 5-to-1 if you win.

Straight Forecast

A straight Forecast is when you are betting on which dogs will finish 1st and 2nd and the order has to be correct. It is similar to the Tricast bet, but you only have to predict which two dogs will finish on top.

Reverse Tricast

There are many different types of reverse tricast. For example, the top three dogs in a race can be reversed and whoever is last would be first and vice versa.

The number of options we have when we’re creating a reverse tricast is quite extensive, and that’s why it can’t be predicted with just one combination of numbers.

Reverse Forecast

Reverse forecast bets are a betting system that has been made popular by the bookmaker Paddy Power. It is a bet where the person making the bet predicts all the outcomes of a race from last to first, from first to last.

In a normal race, the person betting on the first-runner-up will win his or her bet if they guess correctly and it finishes in order as predicted. However, reverse forecast bets offer much more variety to those who make this bet as there is no order implied in the – meaning that one can win regardless of whether their guess was right or wrong.

This type of betting system has become increasingly popular as people want different kinds of bets to be available for them.

Reverse forecast bets are not required to guess the order of the top 2 dogs in a race, instead, they predict which dog is going to win regardless of their placements.

Reverse forecast betting also provides a good chance for bettors at winning big money because most people don’t know how to predict their dogs’ placements correctly.


The term ‘accumulator’ is a bet made on a single bet slip. In the case of the dogs, it is a bet that has been placed on more than one dog in a race.

In this type of bet, the number of possible combinations is endless as you need to put money on just one or two dogs and then win if all those dogs win.

The main benefit for racetrackers with accumulators is that they can make huge amounts of money by placing bets with minimal risk.

In-Play Betting

In-play betting is a term used to describe bets that are placed during an event that involves live betting. The term “in-play” refers to the fact that these types of bets are placed when an event is ongoing, not completed. Each individual in-play bet is based on the outcome of a particular race or match which takes place at a given time and place.

In-Play Betting is to bet on dog race events while the race is happening. It sounds like a gamble because the odds are always changing, but it’s actually very safe.

4 Betting Tips To Follow When Betting On Dogs

Look At The Younger Dogs

Younger dogs tend to be less jaded and have a faster change of direction than the more experienced dog.

Upsets are bound to happen and this is where you can cash in.

The younger dogs are also more resourceful than the more experienced ones. They are not as heavily invested in their position or their experience, so they can be ready to take on new challenges without hesitation.

Specialize In A Certain Track

The dog racing world has become a competitive and lucrative industry. There are many different types of dog racing – track, field, and hunting. Each track has its own characteristics such as size, the distance between obstacles or fences, and other factors that can affect the performance of a dog. A good way to do this is to watch tapes of races that have happened on that track and see which dog performed well. This will help you in determining a good bet on the race that you wager on.

Learn About The Trainers

Each trainer has their own style of training. Some of those training styles are more successful than others. It would be a good idea to find out which training style is the most successful and then you can wager on the dogs that are trained by that specific trainer.

Understand In Running Styles

Each dog has their own running style. You can see which running style will be most successful on the particular track that you are betting on and increase your chances.

If you love to bet on the dogs then hopefully these tips will help you become more successful at betting on the dogs at the track.