What Diseases Can Be Cured With Stem Cells

A stem cell is capable of treating a wide range of diseases. Stem cells are one of the most significant revolutionary areas in the medical industry today. It has been discovered that stem cells can help your body rejuvenate healthy new cells abs tissues and at the same time treating a wide range of diseases.

It is the goal of every parent to ensure their family members are in a good health condition. At your child birth’s, you will have a rare opportunity to protect the life of your loved ones by storing cord blood cells from your baby.

Stem cells from your child that can be used to treat several diseases. Stem cells can be used to treat genetic and hematopoietic disorders. During cord blood transplant, the stem cells are usually infused into a patient’s bloodstream where they work by healing and repairing damaged tissues and cells.


The patient’s immune system is regenerated upon successful engraftment of the stem cells. From the 1980s, patients with severe skin buns have utilized the technology of stem cells to grow skin grafts.

We have a few fda approved stem cell therapies centers that are in a position to do this process. It is only applicable in life-threatening situations.

Recently a new invention in the use of new stem cell-based technology to treat the surface of the eye, the cornea has received approval in developed countries.


We have a wide range of other diseases that can be treated with stem cells that are acquired from cord blood cells and other related sources like bone marrow and peripheral blood. These diseases include but not limited to acute and chronic disorders of leukemia, stem cells disorders, phagocytic disorders, disorders caused by the absence or malfunctioning of enzymes, histolytic disorders and some inherited immune disorders like common syndrome abs leukocyte adhesion disorder.