How Soon After Extraction Can I Get An Implant

Where there are missing teeth, and there is adequate bone to grasp implants, accurate holes in the bone are positioned in the jaws where implants are injected to fit snuggly.

When the implants are fixed, they need some months to cure in the bone before bridges, caps, or dentures can use them for sustenance.

In several instances, it is conceivable to place implants on the matching day the teeth are removed; however, it takes up to half a year (six months) of curing before one is set to implant tooth membrane.

Below are the phases of different implant placement.



This is when implants are positioned in the same surgical involvement as dental extraction. The advantages are rarer surgical involvements, a decrease in the treatment period. During this phase, the dentist recommends warm soup, cold foods, and soft foods through curing time.


This protocol is branded by removal of the tooth deprived of flap elevation, debridement of the socket. The implant is strengthened by the bone that holds it in place by growing around it through process osseointegration, which simply means conglomerates with the bone.

Afore additional teeth can be attached to the implant; different patients will necessarily wait for several months for an implant to completely integrate approximately12-16 weeks.


This is finally the time of placement of the artificial tooth. For one tooth, the specialist will introduce one tooth to the dental crown. The crown is basically connected to fit, color, a size that is designed to a merger with other teeth.


But if it is replacements of many teeth dentures, will be designed to fit the implants and your mouth. The healing period is about 4-12 months when the implant placement is standard.


The implant placement requires a good surgical specialist who collaborates with your dentist to make the process successful and develop an accurate outcome. But generally, a replacement of teeth takes time to make, but in the interim, the dentist may recommend a temporary crown until the perpetual replacement is ready.