Five ways Norwegian schools are fundraising their field trips

Five ways Norwegian schools are fundraising their field trips

Educational travels are equally important as sitting in the classroom, especially when children get a chance to develop new skills, experience interesting places, and have some fun. However, not all schools have enough funding to organize these types of trips all the time.

Therefore, schools in Norway have come up with an innovative way to raise money for such activities, or how they like to call them tjene penger til klassetur med dugnad. Now, let’s see if we can steal some of their ideas to help our kids grow their intellectual capacity.

Copy “dugnad” tradition

You probably aren’t familiar with a “dugnad” tradition formed in Norway, but it’s an integral part of their life. It gathers students, sororities, sports teams, and other types of youth associations around the same cause – to fundraise money for a field trip or a project.

This practice is very popular in this country, while local communities actively support “dugnad klassetur.” Usually, students sell household items like paper towels, toilet paper, or firelighters. There are even some companies that provide students with supplies to sell, which don’t involve too much risk.

Think about crowdfunding

There are a lot of websites out there that can help you with fundraising. The great thing about these online pages is the fact that they don’t have to be located in Norway or Europe. Additionally, these sites won’t request a fee before you register.

However, to attract potential benefactors, you need to compose accurate descriptions, state your goals, as well as the purpose of your field trip. You would be surprised how many people will support your cause.

Connect to large companies

To be honest, from an early age, students need to work on their networking skills. Therefore, being proactive in school will come in handy when they have to apply for internship programs, or after graduating from college.


So, why keep quiet when your school can approach many corporations and businesses, to seek sponsorship opportunities. A good number of them will give you a hand and never miss a chance to be a part of an interesting project.

Explore digital tools

Even though we previously mentioned third-party sites and crowdfunding as convenient ways of raising money, we believe that digital tools can significantly help you fundraise your field trip. For instance, a social media platform, or the school’s website could generate potential leads and possibly attract new sponsors.

You could share photos and even appreciate your benefactors on these channels once you complete all the activities.

Plan a party

Last but not least, the party could be a great idea to gather a large crowd and get more donations. For instance, students could invite friends and family that will pay a small admission fee. Additionally, organizing a theme party might be an ideal solution and will help visitors understand your message.

On the other hand, you could cut costs by boosting creativity. For example, look into recipes of your destination and offer some homemade food and drinks.