How Well do Solar Pool Heaters Work?

Heating a pool may be costly, but if you consider using solar pool heaters, which uses renewable energy, it will help you reduce your cost remarkably. You can significantly control the temperature of your swimming pool by the use of solar pool heaters. They automatically reduce the cost of heating your pool since solar uses natural sunlight and free air warmth, to generate energy. Therefore, they pose high competition to both gas and heat pump pool heaters. They have low operation costs. All these advantages make them the most cost-effective pool heating systems.

How solar pool heaters work

Solar pool heaters use energy from the sun; therefore, they are installed on the roof to maximize surface area in contact with sun rays and avoid shadows from the surrounding. The size of your pool determines the size of your solar heater. The solar pool heater surface area should be greater or equal to half the size of your pool.

Solar pool heating system includes a solar collector, a filter, a pump, and a flow control valve.

The Flow control valve automatically or manually controls the flow of water to the solar collector. When the collector temperature is higher than the pool water temperature, the water is pumped through the filter to remove debris and then to the solar collector for heating. When the pool water temperature is equal to that of the collector, the filtered water bypasses the collector and returns to the swimming pool.

Solar pool heaters also cool the pool temperature in hot areas by running the water through the solar collector at night. The flow control valve also ensures that additional hot water does not enter the pool during a hot day or when the pool temperature is too hot.

Solar pool heaters are cheap and easy to maintain and also are eco-friendly. If you need it, you can get it. Start using pool heater today and control your pool temperature. You can click here for more information.