Missed Her

Missed Her

In this collection of short stories Ivan takes readers on an intimate journey: from a year spent in eastern Canada, to their return to the west coast, and the travels in-between.

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Distinctive and persuasive voice, a flawless sense of pacing, and an impeccable sense of story.

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Ivan Coyote was born and raised in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory. An award-winning author of six collections of short stories, one novel, three CD’s, four short films and a renowned performer. More »

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  • We all need a safe place to pee | Ivan Coyote | TEDxVancouver

  • Transgender Books for Teens

    by Anne Rouyer, Supervising Librarian, Mulberry Street Library, June 16, 2015
    With the coming out of Caitlyn Jenner, the lauding of actress Laverne Cox, shows on ABC Family and Amazon as well as many, many other things, transgender people are in the middle of a truly historic moment. They are moving from the fringes of society to front and center—ready or not. You have to be very brave and courageous to show the world your true self. However, all these positive news stories doesn’t mean that some people aren’t still confused or angered by what it means to be transgender or what it means for their own gender identities. They need to find true understanding through authentic stories and personal experiences. Twenty years ago, when I was in college, a girl I’d grown up with transitioned to male. I was puzzled at first, mainly by the mechanics of it and how it would all work, but I realized that it actually made complete sense. She’d always seemed more male than female to me anyway and now her outside was just finally going to match who she was inside. I couldn’t begin to imagine walking around and feeling like I was in the wrong body and so in the end it was very easy for me to accept her as a him.
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  • At the Verses Festival of Words, Tomboy Survival Guide pushes gender norms

    by Alexander Varty on April 22nd, 2015 at 10:04 AM

    Although its title suggests that it’s targeted at a very specific demographic, Tomboy Survival Guide is not just for women who keep their hair short, a pocketknife in their boot-cut jeans, and a set of socket wrenches close to hand. It’s for everyone—including those of us born sadly deficient in X chromosomes.

    “I have no desire to create some kind of a box that people can feel alienated by,” explains storyteller and saxophonist Ivan Coyote, who’s teamed up with drummer Sally Zori, bassist Pebbles Willekes, and trumpet player Alison Gorman to forge this innovative fusion of words and music. “My intention is to celebrate people who push the gender norms a little bit."

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  • Vancouver Westender - PuShing gender boundaries with Tomboy Survival Guide

    Ivan Coyote has been pushing boundaries for years; blurring the lines of gender, the written word, storytelling, and music. As one of Canada’s only transgender household names, Coyote’s body of work has long provided a space for discussion surrounding all things queer and gender-related. This time out, Coyote is collaborating with fellow music makers Alison Gorman, Pebbles Willekes and Sally Zori to bring Tomboy Survival Guide to the PuSh Festival stage.
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  • 2015 Over the Rainbow List: 78 LGBT Books for Adult Readers

    The 2015 Over the Rainbow Project book list, sponsored by the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Round Table (GLBTRT) of the American Library Association (ALA), has been decided at ALA’s Midwinter Meeting in Chicago. The committee’s mission is to create a bibliography of books that exhibit commendable literary quality and significant authentic GLBT content and are recommended for adults over age 18.
    Gender Failure was one of the top ten overall favourites. Click here to read more.

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